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We are pleased to announce the latest in green septic restoration technology. This product provides a complete septic restoration at a fraction of the cost of a new system.

Let's eliminate the smells, costs, and frustrations of your failing septic system. With stricter laws and testing going into effect, now is the time to restore and improve your septic system. This patented technology is one of the few products that produces cleaner gray water to leach into our yards where it may be absorbed by your plants, as nature intended.

Use of our Prieto Septic Solution (PSS) system can literally save you thousands of dollars!

You can install a new septic system and spend upwards of $6,000 - $30, 000 OR you can save 80% of your time and money by simply restoring the existing system. Our process is a clean and efficient procedure (with no strings attached) that naturally restores your existing septic system to its former glory. Here's how we do it…

Breakthrough Technology

The Prieto Septic Solution (PSS) is a contained aerobic, eco-friendly bacteria colony. Once inserted into your septic tank it immediately goes to work. The PSS bacteria eats up solids and clears your leach lines leaving you with a byproduct of water and plant food. This is a completely natural process, using no chemicals or unnecessary equipment. Best of all, using a PSS requires absolutely no digging and can permanently fix 95% of all problems related to a failing septic system…and that is our guarantee.

The PSS is approved for new and existing septic systems. For additional and more specific information, please visit our product site at:

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